Your prisms ring so clear


Your prisms ring so clear Date: 2014 Medium: Letterpress print Size: 18 x 24 inches / 47.5 x 61 centimeters This is a five-color letterpress print on heavy weight bright-white paper, signed edition of 20. The colorful moiré pattern is actually an exported view from one of Geckler’s large-scale installations. This work will be delivered framed, [...]

This pattern’s torn and we’re weaving


This pattern’s torn and we’re weaving Date: 2014 Location: Art Gallery at Glendale College, Glendale, California Medium: Flagging tape, pedestals Size: 6 x 8 x 20 feet / 1.83 x 2.44 x 6.1 meters Using a skylight overhead as a point of departure and inspiration, strands of the flagging tape were connected at the perimeter above and intersected [...]

In the season of the sun


In the season of the sun Date: 2014 Location: Four Seasons Hotel, Disneyworld, Orlando, Florida Commissioning Agent: Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts, Puccini Group Medium: Custom dyed fire-retarded rope, steel Size:  96 x 168 x 4 inches / 2.44 x 4.27 x 0.10 meters Located inside Ravello, the signature restaurant of the Four Seasons Hotel, these artworks were designed to reflect [...]