Project Description

No chance to move backwards and see

Date: 2012
Location: Utah Museum of Contemporary Art, Salt Lake City, Utah
Commissioning Agent: Utah Museum of Contemporary Art
Medium: Flagging tape, wood, hardware, paint

(9) Wall Weavings Description:
Size: Grouping of 9 weavings is approximately 22 feet / 6.7 meters square (dimensions variable)
Using stainless steel hardware bolted to the wall as a structure, flagging tape was woven using a traditional basket weave. The corners of this arrangement were primarily monochromes with an accent of the diagonally opposite work. The adjacent works were mixtures of the panels on their left/right, top/bottom – essentially creating a color wheel and visual conversation between the four hues utilized in the overall museum exhibition – yellow, orange, green and blue.

(3) Pedestal Description:
Size: Dimensions variable
Using pedestals sourced from UMOCA’s collection, these three were chosen for their disparate dimensions. Using the hues from the exhibition plus the addition of white to reference the gallery itself and its primary usage as a “White Cube” these pedestals were wrapped in the same manner as a wall weavings, but using randomized color progressions as their pattern.

Large Pedestal / Rear Wall Description:
Size: 12 x 22 x 9.5 feet / 3.66 x 6.71 x 2.9 meters
Strands originating from a pattern of points forming an X on the 17 foot / 5.18 meters deep pedestal on the floor streamed upwards, crisscrossing in space before going up and over the wall, streaming down the opposite side in a moiré pattern. The three-dimensional pattern created on the front side was just as disorienting as the resulting two-dimensional pattern on the rear side.

West Wall:
Size: 23 x 12 feet / 7.01 x 3.66 meters
By rearranging the rhythm of the (9) Wall Weavings, a similar color wheel was created in flat, linear space. The ends of the resulting composition allowed for optical mixes of color, signifying a “beginning” and an “end”.

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Watch a time-lapse video of the creation of this artwork below

Megan Geckler “No chance to move backwards and see”, ©2012 from Megan Geckler on Vimeo.