Project Description

Fill it up and pour it down the inside
Date: 2006
Location: Torrance Art Museum
Medium: Flagging tape, hardware, pedestal
Size: 18 x 20 x 12 feet / 5.49 x 6.1 x 3.66 meters

This was the first soffit to pedestal piece and served as a point of departure for the 2013 exhibition, “Rewritten by Machine on New Technology”. While the later exhibition had 5 layers and a warm palette, this earlier work had 2 layers and a cool palette of green and blue, terminating in concentric squares on the 8×8 foot/2.44×2.44 meter pedestal below. The ratio of soffit to pedestal was larger in this work, resulting in a narrower funnel shape that was activated by the viewer’s movement, creating a 3D moiré pattern.