Project Description

Spread the ashes of the colors
Date: 2010
Location: Columbus, Ohio
Commissioning Agent: Wexner Center for the Arts, Ohio State University
Medium: Flagging tape, wood, paint, hardware
Size: 60 x 52 x 30 feet / 18.29 x 15.85 x 9.14 meters

Using the framework of Peter Eisenman’s deconstructionist architecture as the structure for
this installation, three-nested oculi hover overhead. The three-dimensional form terminated
at the walls, creating a two-dimensional representation of the pattern. The color scheme
referenced the “supposed death of print” and the CMYK printing process.

Watch a time-lapse video of the creation of this artwork below

“Spread the ashes of the colors” ©2010-2011 from Megan Geckler on Vimeo.