I arrived in (sunny at the time) London on Friday January 8th. Unfortunately, a head cold came with me, so I have been under the weather and the weather has rolled in. It’s been rainy every day. The golden rule in Los Angeles is never leave the house without sunglasses and a light jacket, and the opposite is true here. Instead, umbrella and (warm/weather resistant) jacket required.

Today was our first day of installation prep. About seven very helpful students helped unpack and prepare the flagging tape for the next step. We had booked two slots – one from 10-3 and another from 3-8, but these students were so efficient that we got all of the work done before 3pm.

Tomorrow, the pedestal (aka plinth over here) will be picked up and situated. The five-story stairwell that I am installing in is not concentric level by level, so it’s going to be placed by the sight of several people standing on different floors. After we have it placed, we’ll take sample measurements on key points around the pedestal.

There are 11 points per side and 5-6 strands of flagging tape originating from there. So we’ll be extrapolating angles between the corners of each level of the tape. These measurements will be incorporated into working diagram templates for use on (hopefully) Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

If my plan works, from there we connect all of the tape and then string it up to the stairwell, starting from the top and moving downward. If my plan doesn’t work, things will get a lot more complicated, but I’m trying to stay optimistic. After all, so far, so good.

I’m off to have a cuppa!